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Client testimonials


The friendly personalised service is what I enjoy most about working with Smart Wired Electrical. I would definitely recommend Smart Wired Electrical to anyone I know because it is very easy to work with Joe and he gets the job done in an efficient manner.

Nick Nidzovic - Builder

Smart Wired Electrical are very professional in the way they do their work. From my personal experience working with them I'd say the most positive attribute Joe has is he's very attentive while working with a high regard to care and attention to achieve the best possible result for what his customers require.

Robin Chen - Home owner


The work on site from Smart Wired Electrical has been of excellent quality, all tradesmen and apprentices have been very cooperative, and think about what they do and have a great “can do” attitude. Overall, Smart Wired Electrical have a  friendly and professional approach, and  want to do the right job.

Drew Spring - Home owner


Smart Wired Electricalwere extremely easy to work with and user friendly for me the home owner. With their honesty and service, I would certainly recommend Smart Wired Electrical to whoever requires the services of a smart home installer.

Luciano Simeone - Home owner


I had a great experience working with Smart Wired Electrical because they are reliable, one time friendly staff who take pride in their work, also their work has a reasonable cost.

Tadgh Collins - Builder


When working with the boys from Smart Wired Electrical we always know that the job will be carried out in a professional, timely manner.  They have a good working relationship and their ability to communicate throughout a project is crucial for me.  Smart Wired Electrical are passionate about their trade and are always abreast of changes in the industry that benefit their clients.  Their product knowledge is impressive.

Irene Dermatis - Home owner